About Us

The IMA goal to alter the paradigm of the contract furniture industry would not be possible without
our amazing team of dedicated professionals.

The IMA Story

Founded in 2001 by Bill Palmer and Scott Carruthers, IMA Corporate Interiors was a dream come true for two individuals striving to alter the paradigm of the contract furniture industry. The decision was made to create a company that would personalize the buying process and convey to the client that each opportunity is unique and should be treated as such.


We have a real passion for what we do and we regard our participation in a project as a privilege. Always a work in progress, IMA continually analyzes our company and our “go to market” strategy. Understanding that the quest for perfection is an exceedingly lofty pursuit, we continuously push the envelope in order to provide the ultimate client experience. We never stop reaching for that perfection. Years of service has afforded IMA Corporate Interiors the opportunity to realize our initial vision and turning said vision into an overwhelming success creates enormous satisfaction. We look forward to improving upon and refining our business for many years to come. We hope you come along for the ride!

Our Team

Our Leadership Team Leaders

Our Leadership Team is responsible for ensuring that each member of the IMA team has all the tools, resources, training, and skill sets to make your project a success. We make sure our team has the resources to make your new workplace a place at which you and your team can be proud to work. Our job is to make sure we exceed your expectation.

Carruthers resize

Fun Fact: Drinks Coke for breakfast, lunch, and dinner

Scott Carruthers

Palmer resize

Fun Fact: Spends his weekends coaching or playing lacrosse

Bill Palmer

Diamond resize

Fun Fact: Suburban dance mom

Kristen Diamond

Director of Sales
Dickinson resize

Fun Fact: Loves British television series

Stephanie Dickinson

Director of Client Services

Our Account Executive Leaders

Our Account Executives serve as the key point of contact and the leader of your IMA Project Team.  He/she oversees processes and resources to ensure your project is executed successfully.  Monitoring all the elements of the IMA Project Team, your Account Executive is the quarterback of our service model.  They work closely with the entire project team members to develop and execute a strategy for success.

Worman resize

Fun Fact: Fluent in movie quotes and sarcasm

Steve Worman

Account Executive
Noack resize

Fun Fact: Affectionately known as “Hopper” around the office

Yvonne Noack

Account Executive
Ryan Daly V

Fun Fact: Got married in traditional Irish Kilt

Ryan Daly

Account Executive
ashley cash

Fun Fact: Enjoys shopping as a weekly cardio workout

Ashley Cash

Account Executive

Our Design Team Leaders

Our Design Team specifies product, provides layout and shop drawings, maintains the project CAD files, and ensure that all information on drawings is up to date and ready for install.  They work closely with factory engineering ensuring both standard and custom solutions are specified and manufactured correctly.

Gutierrez resize

Fun Fact: Avid guitar enthusiast

Juan Gutierrez

Project Designer
King resize

Fun Fact: Has mad roller skating skills

Shannon King

Project Designer

Fun Fact: Always craves seafood

Allie Hansel

Project Designer
Mullennix resize

Fun Fact: Doesn’t ``do`` cold weather

Keri Mullennix

Project Designer

Our Finance Team Leaders

Our Finance Team is responsible for tracking all of the financial transactions within your project.  This includes credit approval for your first order, sales tax compliance, internal order audits, and invoicing you for the last phase of your project.

Hogberg resize

Fun Fact: Hates thinking up fun facts

Laura Hogberg

Accounting Administrator

Sheryl Harkness


Our Sales Coordinator Leaders

Our Sales Coordinators organizes all the elements of a project from order placement through installation and reports on real time status of a project to ensure a successful and timely delivery.


Fun Fact: Loves to read mystery and trashy romance novels

Judy Ellyson

Sales Coordinator

Our Project Manager Leaders

Our Project Managers oversee the logistics of the schedule.  They are the face of the delivery and installation of our products.  They manage transportation, delivery, and installation labor.   They work closely with the project team, foreseeing challenges before they happen to ensure a smooth installation and project completion on time, every time.

Diotalevi resize

Fun Fact: Addicted to Sriracha sauce

Kymberly Diotalevi

Project Manager

Fun Fact: Hiked to the top of Half Dome at Yosemite

Kim Sydnor

Project Manager

Our Warranty and Service Coordinator Leaders

Our Warranty and Service Coordinator supports the team by making sure the last 1% of the project is always 100% completed.  They organize warranty and post-installation service issues and work closely with manufacturers to ensure prompt resolution every time.